Andrew Dys

Executive Inn: A story of transient housing, crimes and a snake

Almost certainly, no executive ever stayed there.

But that doesn’t mean people never heard of the Executive Inn in Rock Hill. It might be the only transient hotel in America, or the world, where an assault with a deadly weapon was alleged, and the weapon was a snake.

“My snake,” said Tim Villejoin.

The 4-foot python’s name was Moudkaii. In April 2010, one of the people staying there claimed that another guy at “The Executive,” as street people call the place, hit him in the face with old Moudkaii. The complaint was allegedly over music played too loud. Tempers flared, as tempers can in places like The Executive, and allegations flew.

It may be the only police case since the Garden of Eden that involved alleged sin, a snake, beer, and the Bible.

The victim cried foul over the snake being near him, then the alleged assailant was arrested and claimed the incident didn’t happen as the victim told the police. The incident turned from allegations of using the snake as a weapon of assault to an actual snakebite. The Herald broke the story of the alleged assault by snake, the denials, and the story of what happened outside room 208 on the second floor balcony of the Executive Inn became an international sensation because apparently no snakes are ever used as alleged weapons in Britain and Boston and Bhutan.

“It blew my mind,” Villejoin said Friday by phone on a break from his job. “People from all over heard about it.”

It did not hurt the story that Villejoin, at that time, admitted that he had as many piercings as a pincushion, and tattoos on his neck and arms and likely in places that no one should ever have to see, and a Mohawk-style pompadour. He proudly showed off the snake in pictures in The Herald.

“I was the kid in high school at Rock Hill High with the piercings and tattoos,” Villejoin said. “I still have the Mohawk – but not as many piercings. But it was the snake that everybody remembers.”

Eventually, the case was dismissed and expunged from the record forever. The snake, Moudkaii, again had a clean record.

“My snake never bit that man, as I said back then, because if he had it would have been a horseshoe-shaped bite,” Villejoin said. “The only time it ever bit me was when I caught the snake in the door on accident.”

Not long after the publicity from the alleged snake attack, Villejoin moved to North Carolina and since has been promoted in his job and found what he said Friday is a good and positive life that continues to get better. Unfortunately, Moudkaii, which Villejoin had since 1998 when he was in high school, “passed away” two years ago.

“I shed more than one tear when my snake died,” said Villejoin, 32. “But I won’t cry for The Executive.”

Villejoin is not sad to hear that officials have condemned the Executive Inn. It is a place that police reports and indictments and convictions show had drugs, overdoses, prostitution, illegal tattooing, armed robbery, even a murder a few years ago. Police and city officials say the crumbling building is unsafe and a hazard and ordered its closing, with plans to give the building the electric chair.

“It needs to go,” Villejoin said. “There was problems there.”

And one alleged assault by snake.

“People will probably remember The Executive for all the problems they had there, and they will remember one other thing,” Villejoin. “My snake who got a bad rap.”

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