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York County mom says millionaire son works very hard

Jason Ziegler
Jason Ziegler

Yes, the answer is yes.

The mother of Jason Ziegler, the Rock Hill native and millionaire who will be on television’s “Million Dollar Matchmaker” Aug. 12, says her son is handsome.

“Of course, I am his mother; I would say that,” said Carolyn Finley of Fort Mill. “His looks have helped him, but he has worked very hard for all that he has.”

Ziegler’s looks didn’t make him a million dollars, but being gorgeous probably didn’t hurt, either.

The 41-year-old Winthrop University graduate now lives in Dallas, where he makes his riches in investment banking. He was chosen to be on the WE tv show “Million Dollar Matchmaker,” during which a celebrity matchmaker sets up beautiful, rich, single people after breaking them down about how they have been single for so long.

Ziegler is so humble that his own mother knows almost nothing about the show, except that he is going to be on it. Cast members have to sign confidentiality contracts before the show airs, so even Mom is in the dark on almost everything except when the show will air.

“I have to watch the show like everyone else and see how it turns out,” Finley said.

Ziegler is still single because he has spent most of his life working. He doesn’t brag about his financial success – his mother didn’t even know he drives a luxury Maserati.

Years ago, when Finley’s parents were ill, Ziegler moved back to York County to help. When he was a child, Ziegler – who volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters in Dallas – and his mother lived with her parents in a small brick house on Lesslie Highway in Rock Hill.

“Jason has always been a good person with a big heart,” said Finley, who grew up in Rock Hill before moving to Fort Mill’s Baxter Village.

Now, on Aug. 12, Mom like the rest of America will find out if her son has found the right match.