Andrew Dys

Rock Hill man who left 4 kids in truck with gun gets 90 days in jail

Two months after saying he was drug free when he left his kids alone in a truck with a gun for four hours while he sat in a gas station bathroom stall, Jason Ray Grant was back in court Friday claiming again to be drug free.

Even after he confessed to doing methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana, Grant has been arrested twice since by probation agents for drug violations and more.

Circuit Court Judge Dan Hall sentenced Grant Friday to 90 days in jail – not prison – after he pleaded for mercy and claimed he made a false confession to using narcotics.

Hall warned Grant that if he showed up back in his courtroom after the 90 days, there would be no more leniency. Hall called drug addiction “a world of lies,” adding that it is “difficult to get the truth out of drug addicts.”

Grant, 39, initially was spared prison June 22 when he pleaded guilty to felony unlawful neglect of a child charges. He admitted sitting on a convenience store toilet for hours in November while his four kids – as young as age 5 – waited in his truck in the parking lot, surrounded by strangers and with a box of bullets and a gun under the seat.

On Friday, he chose to blame his wife, prescription medications, and his aches and pains for his troubles. He claimed again he was not lying about drug use, despite admitting using narcotics earlier this month to probation agents. Grant claimed his confession was false.

“They had me so nervous I was going to jail; I don’t want to go to jail,” he said, also claiming to “always be honest.”

“I’m not a rule breaker,” said Grant, a former wrestling coach and wrestler. “I’m a tough guy, I can hang in there.”

Probation agents, however, say he has broken more than 10 rules, including use of narcotics and failing to report in to agents.

Grant was sentenced to probation with the 10 years suspended June 22 after leaving his kids – ages 13, 11, 7 and 5 – in the truck at a QT station in Rock Hill. Prosecutors called it “luck” that the kids were not harmed, and a judge called what could have happened as bad as anything imaginable.

But Grant received probation because he had no prior criminal record and had gone through drug court in 2007 for previous substance abuse problems. He claimed when he was sentenced in June that he was drug free.

Probation agents say otherwise.

Grant also claimed in court Friday that he was unable to give a urine sample, even after trying for more than two hours. Probation agents said Grant has repeatedly made such claims before when they have tried to test him.

“Mr. Grant won’t comply,” agent Alicia Richardson said.

After serving his 90 days in jail, Grant will be return to his probation status.

“Hopefully this will get whatever it is out of your system,” Judge Hall told him. “I hope we don’t see you again.”