Columbia sets new heat record

The famously hot city became even hotter in 2016, setting a record for Columbia’s warmest June-July period on record.

That’s according to the National Weather Service. June 20 was the last day this year that Columbia had a temperature below 70 degrees.

NWS tweeted Saturday morning that as of Friday, Columbia had seen 60 consecutive days where the temp was greater than 70 degrees. And, according to the NWS website, Saturday and Sunday beat 70 degrees as well.

That beat out 2010 and 1955, which each had 54 such days – and trounced 1934 and 1991, which had 51 and 47 such days, respectively.

This comes not long after Columbia almost tied its record for the longest streak of consecutive 100-plus degree days, falling short by just one degree July 10.

NWS records go back to 1887.