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NC high school football coach sold drugs at school, cops say

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A football coach at a Goldsboro, North Carolina, high school sold drugs on school property, police say.

Officers arrested William Bradford McIntyre, 28, Wednesday, police say, and found more than 4 pounds of marijuana. He also faces charges for carrying a concealed weapon.

Goldsboro police say they got a complaint in August that a Wayne County employee was selling drugs on school property. McIntyre worked at Goldsboro High School as an assistant football coach and an instructional assistant, according the Goldsboro Daily News.

McIntyre has only worked for the school system since August, ABC11 reports.

He was placed on leave Dec. 6, the television station reports. That was the same day police say officers searched his house and vehicle.

He resigned Tuesday, according to ABC11. And he turned himself in to police Wednesday, according to the Goldsboro Police Department.

McIntyre faces numerous charges:

  • Felony sell/deliver controlled substance within 1,000 Ft of a School (x4)

  • Felony PWISD Sch. VI Controlled Substance (x4)

  • Felony Maintain a Vehicle for CS (x4)

  • Felony Sell Sch. VI Controlled Substance (x3)

  • Felony Deliver Sch. VI Controlled Substance (x3)

  • Felony Maintain a Residence for CS

  • Carrying a Concealed Firearm

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