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Firefighter at Clemson-Syracuse game sprang into action when a man had a heart attack

A firefighter in the stands for the Clemson vs. Syracuse football game Saturday found some action off the field when a man fell unconscious at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York, according to the Fairmount Fire Department.

The fire department’s president, Greg Popps, “noted a nearby patron was losing consciousness and jumped to his aid,” the department said. Then the man went into cardiac arrest.

“While medical staff were arriving, President Popps dragged the unconscious male to a nearby hallway, initiating CPR. Due to his life saving actions, the patient was transported from the dome, conscious and breathing, with no noticeable deficits,” the department said.

Nine members of the fire department were at the station watching the game on television with their families when the call went out on the radio. “While eating dinner we were notified that one of our own was attending his first game at the dome; and had encountered an emergency,” the department said on Facebook.

“Your quick thinking and calm demeanor allowed for the best possible outcome of this terrible situation. Well done President Popps!” the department said.

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