Dial-a-ride welcome

We're relieved to see an end to the logjam that had held up a dial-a-ride program for Rock Hill.

The service, which could be up and running by next month, is an extension of the one already offered by York County for rural county residents. Customers call two days in advance and book a ride to locations throughout the county.

Once the deal between the city and county is finalized and routes are established, Rock Hill passengers will pay $2.50 for one-way fares anywhere in the city. While all city residents can use the service, it is targeted primarily at elderly residents without access to other transportation.

City Councilman John Gettys has championed a Rock Hill dial-a-ride system for months. He called the agreement "a good day for all of us."

But the long delay in coming to that agreement had sparked tempers and vitriolic exchanges between city and county officials. Gettys faulted county apathy and foot-dragging; county leaders said the city had presented an "unacceptable" contract proposal.

Perhaps bitter feelings can be put aside as we welcome a much-needed service for city residents. This will be especially helpful for those who no longer drive and who have few other options for picking up medicine, shopping for groceries or just getting around town.

We hope this also might be the first step toward a larger public transportation system that one day could be expanded to a bus system capable of handling more passengers. For now, however, we are happy to see that the city and county can join forces to get a much-needed Rock Hill dial-a-ride system on the road.