Deaths on our roads

So far this year, 33 people have died on York, Chester and Lancaster county roads.

That means 33 families have received the most horrifing news imaginable.

A parent, a child, or a sibling won't be coming home.


Just hours before, they were planning vacations, playing in the yard, preparing for school. But a mistake behind the wheel, whether someone drinking alcohol or mashing the gas a little too far, ended a life in an instant.

The number of people killed on local highways so far this year is nearly double from the same period last year. Adding to the sadness is that the state Highway Patrol says most of the deaths could have been prevented.

Highway Patrol Cpl. Bryan McDougald said most of the fatalities were caused by carelessness.

"Drivers cannot have the attitude, 'Today's not my day,'" he said. "We have to think today might be the day something could happen."

We all know what to do on the highways. Buckle up. Drive a car that's in good condition. Don't speed or tailgate. Don't try to beat the red light. Be courteous. Don't read, eat, apply makeup, or text message. Hang up the cell phone.

And, most of all, don't drink and drive.

How many of those killed on our roads believed that a drive to the store, to school or to work would be their final journey?

Respect how dangerous automobiles can be. Follow the rules. And focus completely on the road while you're driving.

If you don't, the consequences can last forever.


The number of people killed on local roads this year is nearly double from the same period last year.

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