Five-second rule repealed

We've all dropped a piece of food on the ground, quickly picked it up and, citing the long-held legend of the five-second rule, convinced ourselves that it couldn't have had time to get dirty or germ infested.

But a recent study by Clemson University has finally put the old theory under scrutiny.

Guess what? The five-second rule is bunk.

It definitely ranks among the top "No Duh" conclusions ever reached, but the study already has gotten loads of media coverage and likely now will cause people to think twice before munching on that dropped potato chip.

Of course, we never actually believed the five-second rule to be true. It was just a way to justify being disgusting and/or make sure we got to eat every last bite of a delicious meal.

According to the Clemson study, food dropped on the ground is immediately dirty and exposed to germs. In other words, you don't even have one Mississippi, much less five, to keep it from happening.

And the longer it sits on the floor, the more unhealthy it gets. That goes for carpet, wood or tile floors, according to the study.

Again, no duh.

But you've got to wonder how many colds or other ailments could've been avoided if we hadn't given in to the lure of the five-second rule.

Despite that a lick of common sense should tell most people that dropped food should be considered a lost cause and tossed in the trash, we applaud Clemson University for backing this up with data.

Because, despite the seemingly obvious outcome of the study, we've all been guilty of thinking with our stomachs instead of our brains.


Use brain, not stomach, when thinking about eating food off the floor.

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