Please donate blood

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer may be the best time of the year for fun in the sun. But the same things that draw people outdoors also make this a more dangerous season and one in which the supply of blood is taxed.

Blood supplies in the Charlotte area and Upstate South Carolina have been dangerously low because of increased demand during the Fourth of July holiday week. With more people on the road and engaging in potentially dangerous outdoor activities, the need for blood for trauma victims increases.

At the same time, with more people vacationing, regular donors are less likely to give blood as often in the summer. So, the increased need combined with lower supplies creates a potential emergency situation.

As of a week ago, inventories of regular blood suppliers for hospitals in both Carolinas were low, especially supplies of Type O blood, which can be used for people of all blood types. So far, no elective surgeries have been canceled, and no patient has gone without a needed blood transfusion, but health officials hope donations will increase to supplement the supply.

We urge those who rarely or never donate blood to consider giving a pint during the summer. And we hope those who are regular donors will maintain their schedules.

For more information about where to give blood, contact the York County Red Cross at 329-6575.

During the summer months, demand for blood grows while supply from donors decreases.