Touring Brattonsville

Historic Brattonsville has long been an invaluable resource for local teachers and history buffs. Recently, it showed that it also could provide a vivid historical lesson for teachers from across the nation.

More than 50 teachers, who teach grades from kindergarten through 12th, gathered at Brattonsville, the historic village and Revolutionary War battlefield site in McConnells, last week. The teachers, who hailed from states as far away as Washington, Maine, California and Texas, were here on a trip funded by a National Endowment of Humanities Grant. They also toured the King's Mountain and Cowpens battlefields before heading home.

While at Brattonsville, the visitors were treated to a variety of special demonstrations that are presented at the historic village. These presentations, which feature actors in full revolutionary-era dress, offer views of the domestic lives of women during colonial times, colonial medicine, slave life and militia maneuvers.

Visitors were enthusiastic about the presentations, and we hope they will take what they learned back to their classrooms. We also hope that Brattonsville will be the destination for many more national historical tours.

We congratulate all those involved in this project and in the recent annual reenactment of the Battle of Huck's Defeat. Thanks to the talent and hard work behind these projects, the Brattonsville experience continues to expand and improve, making it one of the premier historical sites in the region.

Historic Brattonsville attracted teachers from across the nation for special tour.