New restaurants in town

New restaurants have opened across from the Winthrop University campus, which is good news for students. It also demonstrates that Cherry Road continues to be one of Rock Hill's top retail arteries.

The proximity to Winthrop no doubt played a key role in the decision to open three new eateries and, in the near future, a new grocery store on Cherry Road. The student customer base can present a feast-or-famine scenario -- a feast when classes are in session; a famine during the summer -- but all in all, students certainly are a plus.

The new restaurants are Taco Bueno, which opened in May across from the school's high-rise residence hall; Cupps coffee shop, which opened in July next to Taco Bueno; and Luigi Pizza & Spaghetti House, which will open soon in the old Steak 'n' Hoagie at Evergreen Lane.

It is hoped, of course, that non-Winthrop customers will be plentiful enough to sustain the new restaurants. That will be detemined by a variety of factors, including quality of the food, price and service.

Earth Fare, which plans to open early next year at the site of the old Harris Teeter store, already knows that demand is high among nearby residents for a neighborhood grocery store. Many residents protested when Harris Teeter decided to close its Cherry Road store, and many of them will welcome the arrival of Earth Fare, as will Winthrop students who have missed having a grocery they could walk to.

We welcome the new restaurants. Variety is good for the community.

We also hope that locating restaurants and a grocery within walking distance of Winthrop will help foster a greater sense that Rock Hill is a welcoming college town, not one that students desert on the weekends.


New restaurants and grocery store can count on Winthrop customers at least part of the year..