New way to get help

Everyone knows that pushing the numbers 9-1-1 on the phone will put us in touch with police or medical rescue teams in a life-threatening emergency. Soon, we hope, people throughout York County will know that calling 2-1-1 will bring help in a different sort of emergency.

Officials with United Way of York County last week unveiled the new 2-1-1 service that will connect people in need with local organizations and agencies that can help them. By dialing 2-1-1, residents are linked to trained staff in a call center in Columbia who, in turn, link them with United Way-supported organizations that provide food, shelter, aid with rent and utilities, volunteer opportunities, substance abuse treatment and more.

This service is certain to be a valuable new resource for the county. In the same way that the 9-1-1 emergency numbers offer an easily remembered and easily accessed source of help, the 2-1-1 service will serve as a lifeline for those with other pressing needs.

United Way leaders announced the new service at the same time they announced a new campaign goal of $2.1 million. We hope donors throughout the county will dig deep and help United Way meet or exceed that goal.

The introduction of the 2-1-1 service is just one of many reasons that the United Way and the agencies it sponsors are so important to the residents of York County and why this campaign deserves widespread support.

United Way of York County has unveiled new service to connect people with the help they need.