A friend of Tega Cay

It's safe to say that Tega Cay would not be the inviting, well-ordered community it is had it not been for the foresight and energy of Phil Glennon.

Glennon, 88, has lived with his wife, Barbara, in Tega Cay since 1988. Though they came seeking what residents call "the good life," you might say he has made it a better life since arriving there.

Among other duties, he has been chairman of the Parks and Recreation Committee and the city's Beautification Planning Committee, and he helped found the concert series in the park, a park he helped preserve. He was named the Lion's Club Citizen of the Year in 2001 and City Volunteer of the Month in February 2004.

One of his passions for the past decade has been a larger community center. That dream finally was realized with construction beginning recently on a new center.

Just seeing the groundbreaking for the new building undoubtedly would have been tribute enough for Glennon. But his neighbors had something a little more elaborate in mind: The new building will bear the name, The Philip T. Glennon Community Center.

A crowd of about 130 people recently filled the soon-to-be former community center to capacity to honor Glennon. They also presented him with a plaque "in appreciation for his love and devotion to the residents of Tega Cay and in gratitude of his tireless dedication to preserving The Good Life."

We doubt that his dedication to community service will wane anytime soon. Ingrained habits can be hard to break.

Still, we hope he takes a moment or two to sit back and savor what he has helped create. Having lived not just a good life but an exemplary one, he deserves to enjoy its fruits.

Phil Glennon has been a tireless supporter of his community for nearly 20 years.