Nease is a real 'survivor'

Maybe one of the challenges on the new "Survivor: China" will be eating week-old Kung Pao Chicken -- right out of the refrigerator! That's a trial some of us already know we can pass.

But even if that test of will and courage is not on the agenda, local viewers have reason to tune in. Leslie Nease of Tega Cay will be one of those hoping to be the last survivor standing at the end of the competition.

Nease is one of 15 castaways in the ancient south central province of Jiang Xi. She'll be one of the eight Fei Long tribal members.

The new "Survivor: China" premieres at 8 p.m. Thursday on CBS. Good luck to Leslie; we're counting on her to hang in there in the wilds of China.

And if you can't get enough "Survivor," follow Leslie's adventure with Enquirer-Herald Editor Shannon Greene's blog on heraldonline.com. Greene, a diehard fan of "Survivor," starts with an interview with Leslie. Read it today in the Fort Mill Times and Thursday in The Herald.

Fans of 'Survivor' TV show have another reason to watch: One of contestants is from Tega Cay.