Leave Halloween alone

You can't just move Halloween! Thankfully, a majority of Chester City Council members realized that.

Some local churchgoers had asked Mayor Mitch Foster to try to move Halloween from the Wednesday it falls on this year to the day before so it would not interfere with scheduled church services. But when the matter was brought before the council, some members noted that many churches already had scheduled Halloween carnivals for the Oct. 31 date.

Not to mention that the rest of the nation would be celebrating Halloween on that day. Families need to be able to rely on some continuity when it comes to holidays such as this.

Some churchgoers no doubt construe the celebration of a festivity with connections to Druid practices and devilish undertones as sacrilegious (although Halloween is short for All Hallow Even, the eve of the Christian All Saints' Day). For most, however, it's just a fun secular celebration of spooky things that lurk in the darkness and too much candy.

In the end, the Chester City Council voted 5-4 to leave the date unchanged. We think the majority made the right choice; this is not an issue in which local governments should become involved.

Let families do as they wish, and don't mess with the date.

Chester City Council made the right choice in deciding not to change date of Halloween.