Have safe fright night

With a little care and planning, about the worst danger your child will face while celebrating Halloween tonight is an upset stomach from eating too much candy.

Make no mistake, children do face hazards if they go trick-or-treating today, especially after dark. The danger from cars is real, and children more intent on collecting a bag full goodies than looking both ways when they cross the street could get hurt.

But the danger can be minimized if children are properly supervised, stick to sidewalks and wear costumes featuring reflective materials. Even if costumes are homemade, parents can attach reflective tape to ensure their little ghosts and goblins can be seen by motorists.

One safe alternative for trick-or-treaters is Rock Hill's downtown Boo-HaHa celebration from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Area businesses will line Main Street sidewalks to give away candy to children, and some businesses will offer indoor activities and award prizes.

A variety of other Halloween festivals and haunted trails and houses will be held throughout the area. Consult The Herald's Oct. 26 Ticket for a full list.

Also, please advise your children to be on their best behavior tonight. It is "trick-or-treating" in name only. Vandalism is a no-no, even on Halloween.

Oh, and please remind your children to say "thank you" when they get treats. It makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Have a spooky but safe Halloween.

If parents take a few precautions, their trick-or-treaters should have a safe night.