A generous donation

Thanks to advances in the treatment of patients with AIDS, the disease no longer is the certain killer it once was, and patients now have a much more positive outlook. And now, because of the generosity of a local developer, more AIDS patients are likely to receive the care they need.

The nonprofit Catawba Care Coalition in Rock Hill has witnessed the advances in medicine and treatment that have transformed the outlook for AIDS patients. And in December, the agency got news that might transform it as well.

Bill Hargrove, a Rock Hill residential developer, offered the agency 1.6 acres of prime real estate in the city's medical corridor near Piedmont Medical Center. The land is likely to be the site of a new care facility that one day might serve as the model for HIV and AIDS care in the state.

The new center also could help the agency keep pace with the growing number of patients who are on the intensive drug maintenance program required to keep the disease at bay. While the new regimen has helped patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, it also requires more medical care as they continue on the program.

The agency provides one of only two one-stop clinics in the state. Patients in other parts of the state often must drive long distances to receive care.

Hargrove, who has no particular connection to AIDS, said he welcomes the opportunity to meet a need. When he learned that the agency was looking for existing office space around town, he decided to donate the land.

"We've been blessed, and that was just an opportunity we had to give something back," Hargrove said. "It's just something that worked out for us."

We join those associated with the Catawba Care Coalition and its patients in thanking Hargrove for this kindly act. Many will live longer and better lives because of his selfless generosity.