A new chief for SLED

In 2006, Reggie Lloyd became South Carolina's first black U.S. Attorney to serve permanently since Reconstruction. On Thursday, Lloyd became the first black to lead the State Law Enforce-ment Division.

Lloyd, a Winthrop University graduate, was confirmed Thursday by the state Senate. He is only the third SLED chief in the agency's 60-year history. He will succeed Robert Stewart, who retired last year, when he assumes the new post in March.

Lloyd has no law enforcement experience. But in addition to serving as U.S. Attorney, he has been an attorney for the S.C. House Judiciary Committee and a state Circuit Court judge. As he noted during a Senate hearing last week, the FBI, DEA and ATF all have been led by people without law enforcement training.

Lloyd's experience in the judicial system, his knowledge of the law and his leadership on the bench should serve him well in a job where management skills and an ability to work with the public are crucial. Lloyd has formed a transition committee composed of past and current SLED employees and law enforcement officers from around the state. He appears to be fully committed to earning the respect of the state's law enforcement community.

Lloyd's appointment as U.S. Attorney and now as head of SLED is a feather in Winthrop's cap. He appears to be an ideal choice for this important position.