School calendars in sync

Coordinating the calendars for all four York County school districts is so sensible, we wonder why it didn't happen sooner.

Officials from York, Clover, Rock Hill and Fort Mill announced last week that their schools will have almost identical schedules for the 2008-2009 school year. A committee with a representative from each district got together to work out the calendar.

One of the primary goals was to make life easier for teachers who live in one district and teach in another. Now the teachers and their children will be out of school on the same days.

The beginning date for students, major holidays and Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks will be the same in all four districts -- with one small exception. Rock Hill will hold classes on April 10, while other districts won't, which means Rock Hill's school year will end a day earlier.

That's no big deal. The important thing is that the districts are almost totally in sync.

And how about overlapping graduation ceremonies at Winthrop Coliseum? The committee worked that out, too. York will graduate in the morning on June 5, and Fort Mill high schools will have the afternoon and evening. Rock Hill high schools will graduate June 6, and Clover will get June 7.

We're certain that the coordinated calendar will be a boon not only to teachers and their families but to others who have had to deal with scheduling conflicts because calendars were out of whack. It's a small, smart change that could make a big difference to many.