Support for Weed & Seed

If anyone should know the value of Rock Hill's Weed & Seed program, York County Solicitor Kevin Brackett should. And this month, Brackett backed up his support for the crime-fighting program with $10,000 from his office.

The money, which will come from cash seized in drug busts, will help supplement cuts at the federal level. Federal funding for Weed & Seed initiatives nationwide was slashed 35 percent from last year. The cuts left the local program with access to only $150,000 in federal money, $50,000 less than anticipated.

Brackett said he decided he could help after reading about the cuts in The Herald.

"They're really making strides," he said of the program. "When I heard about the budget cuts, it concerned me and started wheels spinning to see what I might be able to do. I sure hope it inspired other people to not only contribute, but get involved."

So do we. This is a valuable program that addresses a variety of problems such as drug abuse, domestic violence, lack of after-school activities for children in the city's poorer neighborhoods and the need for greater cooperation between residents and police.

We appreciate Brackett's involvement and hope others will follow his lead.


York County solicitor has offered a helping hand to Rock Hill Weed & Seed program.