The Dave Lyle study

Before anyone starts laying down concrete for an extension of Dave Lyle Boulevard from York County to Lancaster County, some concrete estimates about the extension's effect on both counties would be helpful.

York County Council members recently approved a $150,000 survey to study the impact of extending Dave Lyle across the Catawba River -- if Lancaster County is willing to split the cost of the survey. The study is intended to provide an objective look at a variety of issues that arise in discussions about the extension.

Most conjecture heretofore has come from parties that have a stake in the outcome -- including both those who are for it and those who are against it. The survey would be conducted by three consultants, each of which would tackle different parts of the study.

Among the chief economic questions the survey might help answer are whether the extension would create jobs and income for local residents; what the land around the road should be used for; and whether the wooded area that surrounds the road would be protected. The other vital issues are how much new traffic the extension would produce and how much it would cost to build it.

Both sides have offered perspectives that bolster their point of view. Those who favor the extension say it would be an economic engine bringing new customers to the Galleria and Manchester Village, and new jobs to York County.

Opponents say the extension would destroy the natural environment near the Catawba Indian Reservation, increase traffic congestion and invite more strip malls and housing developments along the route.

We hope Lancaster County will agree to help pay for this survey and that it will provide some answers to these crucial questions. All involved need more information before they can make a reasoned decision about this project, and this study would be a good investment.