Better care for animals

Whatever the final results of a project undertaken by four York One Academy students, those students have received a good lesson in how government works and how citizens can have an impact.

Since October, sixth-graders Alex Fetty, Brittany McConnell and Marcell Jordan and fifth-grader Cody Sherrin have been studying how animals are treated and adopted in York County. The study results will be submitted in the state Project Citizen contest, a program that asks children nationwide to apply lessons in the classrooms to the real world outside the classroom.

The students' goal is to find ways that care for animals at the shelter can be improved. They have surveyed more than 100 people, made a trip to the Statehouse to see how legislation is made and talked with shelter managers and veterinarians.

They also have sent some of their findings to county officials with proposals for improving care. York County Council Chairman Buddy Motz said his staff will review the findings as they look into ways to improve animal care.

We commend these students for their hard work, their compassion and their interest in the community. And we hope they do well in the contest.

However, we suspect that no matter what happens, they will benefit greatly from this experience and remember it for years to come.


York One Academy students are studying ways to improve care at animal shelter.