Many candidates running

This will not be a sleepy election year in York, Chester and Lancaster counties.

When Sunday's noon deadline passed for filing to run for seats in Congress, the General Assembly, city and county councils and other local posts, scores of candidates had stepped forward. Every seat on the York County Council will be contested, as will many legislative seats in the area.

Maybe the excitement over the presidential race helped inspire people to run. Candidates also may have been spurred by a dissatisfaction with the way incumbents are running things.

But whatever the motivation, this is a healthy phenomenon. The more who participate in the democratic process -- either as candidates, campaign workers or just voters -- the better.

More candidates mean more debate, more discussion of the issues, more involvement by those who have a stake in the upcoming elections. And that includes all of us.

This process sometimes can be messy and unpredictable. Just witness the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. But in many respects, even a messy campaign can be uplifting and ignite the interest of the people in their government.

We salute those who have volunteered their time, energy and money to run for office. Whatever they might hope to gain from winning, they also seek to serve us, the voters.

This promises to be a very interesting year for politics.


As Sunday deadline passed, scores of candidates had registered to run for office.