New resource for parents

Your children tell you the dog ate their report card? No problem, just check out Edline, a new Web site introduced this semester at Rock Hill's Northwest-ern High School.

The site allows parents to keep tabs not only on their children's grades but also their school attendance and homework assignments. The site will be introduced at Rock Hill and South Pointe high schools next school year.

Edline is touted as a way for parents to monitor their children's performance and be aware of the work they are supposed to be doing. But it also should be a convenience for students. Teachers can use the site to post assignments, schedules, notes and handouts on their course pages. The site also allows users to manage their calendar and extracurricular activities.

Attendance is updated daily and grades are updated every two weeks. Only a student, a teacher or parents can view personal information.

Educators have found numerous ways to use the Internet and to improve communication with students and parents through more advanced technology. Edline is just one more way to ensure that students know what teachers require of them and that parents have the information necessary to monitor their children's school activities.

It sure beats sending a note home.