Road study welcome

A definitive study of the impact of extending Dave Lyle Boulevard to U.S. 521 in Lancaster County will be welcome -- especially now that Lancaster County has agreed to split the cost of the study.

The Lancaster County Council voted last week to pay half of the $150,000 required to do the study. The study will objectively address the environmental, developmental and financial issues of extending the road.

The proposed $120 million extension, which would connect Rock Hill to Lancaster County's panhandle area, has provoked a controversy between those who claim it would be an economic boon to York County and those who fear it would devastate the environment.

Proponents say the road would help lure customers to the Galleria and Manchester Village stores in Rock Hill. Opponents say it would result in strip malls, housing developments and industry in what now is a wooded area near the Catawba Indian Reservation.

We hope that the planned study will objectively project how the extension could affect the region in terms of both economic development and the impact on the environment. That would give local leaders and local residents information that has not been filtered through the various political biases that are involved in this discussion.