Vandalism was childish

Civilized political discourse is fine. Vandalizing the front door of the York County Republican headquarters with spray-painted graffiti isn't.

Vandals painted the words "Republi-can means slavery" on the door of the GOP headquarters overnight Friday. Party volunteers alerted police after finding the message when they arrived at the office on Rock Hill's Oakland Avenue.

The vandals also stole about 45 candidate signs from the front yard and spray-painted over a banner that carried a picture of Republican presidential nominee John McCain. Their messages also included gang symbols.

Vandalism ranks among the lowest forms of personal expression. It is destructive, anonymous and often, as in this case, stupid.

It's worth noting that Abraham Lincoln, a Republican and one of the nation's most revered presidents, played a significant role in ending slavery in America.

We suspect this incident had more to do with the destructive impulse than a desire to engage in a political debate. If the vandals hoped to chasten Republicans and bolster the image of their opponents, they failed miserably.


Spray-painting door of Republican headquarters served only to make vandals look stupid.