County does right thing

It wasn't York County's fault that a number of Lancaster County businesses accidentally paid sales taxes to the wrong county. But York County Council members deserve credit for agreeing to correct that mistake, even though it meant turning over about $55,000 to Lancaster County.

The error was detected in August. The confusion stemmed from the fact that the state Department of Revenue lists the ZIP code for Indian Land as a York County ZIP code. Because of that, 32 businesses in Indian Land, which is in Lancaster County, mistakenly paid some sales taxes t York County.

York County, to its credit, immediately agreed that the money should be returned. At first, though, state officials said errors like this one could be corrected only for future tax payments, not retroactively.

Later, however, they agreed to help the two counties correct the mistake. Revenue Department officials have added up the amount of misdirected taxes and will send the York County Council a letter soon with the facts and figures.

That money was intended to help roll back residential property taxes in Lancaster County. Instead, it was channeled to York County's "Pennies for Progress" roads program.

Ouch! It hurts to give back money from "Pennies for Progress," which already is deeply in the red.

Nonetheless, we're proud that county officials decided to do the right thing and return the money. Call it an investment in neighborliness.


York County will return tax money to Lancaster County