Endorsement recap

The following is a list of endorsements by The Herald:


Barack Obama, D

U.S. Senate:

Lindsey Graham, R.

U.S. House, District 5:

John Spratt, D

Solicitor, Circuit 16:

Kevin Brackett, R

State Senate District 16:

Mandy Powers Norrell, D

State Senate District 17:

Creighton Coleman, D

State House District 29:

Dennis Moss, D

State House District 45:

Fred Thomas, D

State House District 46:

Gary Simrill, R

State House District 49:

John King, D

York County Coroner:

Sabrina Gast, R

York County Council, 1:

Marion Davenport, D

York County Council, 3:

Joe Cox, R

York County Council, 7:

Rick Lee, R

Rock Hill school board, 3:

Mildred Douglas

Rock Hill school board, at large:

Bob Norwood

State Amendment 1:


State Amendments 2 and 3:


Local Question 1: