Traffic relief on Dave Lyle

More turn lanes and left-turn signals at one of Rock Hill's largest shopping complexes would have been welcome this Christmas season. But shoppers are likely to cheer the changes even if they don't arrive until late spring.

Motorists have complained for years about the slow flow of traffic along Dave Lyle Boulevard during busy shopping periods at Manchester Village and the Rock Hill Galleria. The city has worked on a plan for the changes for more than two years, but it took until this fall to get a formal proposal to the state Department of Transportation.

Thankfully, the DOT approved the plan, which includes more turn lanes, added capacity in those lanes and more protected left-turn signals -- all at a cost of around $107,500. The City Council still must sign off on the proposals, but it appears that the city finally will respond to the festering complaints about traffic flow.

The changes could be coming just in time. More stores are on the way on I-77's eastern side, where work starts soon to turn woods behind the Galleria into a $144 million shopping complex that eventually will equal the size of Manchester.

And that, of course, will mean more traffic. We hope planners have anticipated problems that might arise as a result.

Even if they have, it is hard to project exactly what the area will look like in a decade or so. City officials couldn't fully anticipate the traffic increase that occurred after new restaurants and

big-box retailers arrived at Manchester.

Still, with a price tax of only $107,500, it seems the traffic changes could have been made sooner, back when motorists first started complaining about the difficulty of making turns onto Dave Lyle. Nonetheless, we're thankful the changes finally are coming.


Motorists will be grateful for proposed traffic changes at Manchester Village.