Yard carts catching on

The city of Rock Hill seems to be making headway in convincing residents that yard carts to hold lawn debris are a good idea.

When the city first introduced the carts, some residents complained about the cost of the carts and losing the option of dumping lawn trash on the curb. But with roughly 100 new orders for carts each week, the idea may be catching on.

The carts have been made available to 4,200 homes in the northeastern part of the city as part of the initial rollout. Nearly 40 percent of those homes now are using the carts.

Early buyers have an incentive. The carts will be available for $45 until April, when the price will rise to $57, which is what the city pays for them.

The carts are nearly identical to the bins now used for garbage collection, except that the lawn carts are brown instead of green. While the city still will collect leaves at curbside during the peak leaf season of November, December and January, the rest of the year, leaves, grass clippings and yard debris must be placed in a cart for collection.

We think this is a sensible program. Unsightly yard trash won't be left sitting in the street for days until city workers can pick it up. That also will mean less trash clogging storm drains on rainy days.

We hope residents will compost most of their yard debris. That's still the best way to dispose of it.

But the yard carts are a good alternative. And we predict that, once people get used to them, they will become as indispensable as garbage bins.


Rock Hill residents seem to be warming to the idea of yard carts to collect leaves and grass.