A good start to repair relations with Cuba

Many Cuban-Americans in South Florida strongly opposed President Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba.

Many politicians, including people such as Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, also opposed it. There have been anti-Obama demonstrations because of the trip.

Let them demonstrate. Let them complain. Obama is trying to change relations that haven’t changed in half a century.

Some people would like to see the bitterness between Cuba and the United States last forever, or at least until Cuba restores full human rights.

As Obama said, things are not going to change overnight in Cuba.

But this is a start. A good start. Finally.

Americans are getting a good look at Cuba with Obama there.

They can see the good and the bad. They can see the dissidents being rounded up.

But they can also see commerce in Cuba. Hotels being built. More tourists coming. The embassy open.

It made no sense to continue the way things have gone for 50 years.

Hopefully, the embargo ends soon, although you better believe the Obama-hating Congress won’t let it happen while he’s in office. They don’t want that to be a positive part of his legacy.


Obama laid the groundwork. That’s what matters.

He was right to go to Cuba. It’s a plus for Cubans and Americans.

Gary Stein is a columnist for the Sun Sentinel.Email him at gsteing@sunsentinel.com.