World Changers have helped out for 20 years

Any time you get the urge to dismiss today’s young people as a bunch of self-centered do-nothings interested only in texting their friends and playing video games, you need to focus on this fact: Young volunteers with World Changers have been coming to Rock Hill to help needy people upgrade their homes every year for the past 20 years.

That’s right, for two decades those lazy kids have tramped into Rock Hill toting hammers, paintbrushes, saws, scrapers, ladders and other home improvement equipment. They have toiled in the height of summer, every day for a full week, getting paid nothing, working for the sheer satisfaction of helping those worse off than they are.

World Changers, a national Baptist service project, arrived again in Rock Hill this week. And this time, the city went out of its way to commemorate the group’s 20 years of service to the community.

World changers and the city joined Wednesday for a celebration with the hundreds of homeowners who have had repairs done on their homes. Rock Hill Mayor Doug Echols, World Changers officials and others spoke about the difference those young volunteers have made in the lives of so many in this community.

And that work will continue: This week about 120 teens will be here to work on dozens of projects.

These volunteers don’t just work for free, they also raise money to pay expenses, all for the opportunity to lend a helping hand to others.

World Changers isn’t the only summer service group to visit Rock Hill. Salkehatchie, the South Carolina youth organization of the United Methodist Church, also performs much the same service throughout the state, helping needy families refurbish their homes.

Salkehatchie also is a welcome visitor to Rock Hill each year.

Every generation may have its losers. But year after year, these organizations have had no trouble rounding up hundreds of high school- and college-age teens to put their faith into action.

Seems to us, the kids are alright.


Young volunteers with World Changers service group have been coming to Rock Hill for two decades.