Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 8, 2007

Experience at school was very rewarding

I graduated from Westminster Catawba Christian School in 2006 after attending school there since I was 3 years old (for 15 years). Shortly after I arrived home from my freshman year at Wofford College, a rather long and involved article about my alma mater was printed on the front page of The Herald. I found this article troubling for several reasons.

The most troubling of these is the overall negativity of the article. Although it may be true that WCCS is currently experiencing some financial and internal difficulties, there are far greater aspects of this school that outweigh these problems. My experiences at WCCS were more rewarding than any other that I have had thus far.

Since WCCS is such a small school, I formed extremely close friendships with not only students in my own classes, but even with students in other grades as well as the faculty and staff. The relationship between students and faculty is unique. I still find myself visiting my alma mater whenever possible to see friends who have not yet graduated and to talk to teachers I have not seen in a while. When my grandfather passed away, I had not only students but also teachers and staff members calling me and attending the visitation and funeral. I cannot express how much this support meant to me at such a troubling time. Show me another school that has such a close and friendly student body.

The safety of the students attending WCCS is also unmatched. Where else can you walk into a school and not find a single lock on any of the lockers? Where else can the students leave their bookbags and belongings in the hallway (even overnight) without fear of anything being tampered with or stolen? I never once felt unsafe at WCCS. There are no security or police officers on campus at any time. How is this possible? WCCS is just that kind of place.

The final point I would like to make regards the academic effect that WCCS has on its students. As several students will readily tell you, the classes at WCCS are not easy. However, they teach great study skills as well as essentials that are needed for life after school.

So, if you are considering attending WCCS and want more than just an education, I highly recommend and encourage you to do so. It will be more rewarding than you can imagine.

Adam Auten

Rock Hill

Harry Potter books promote witchcraft

I am in "Total" agreement with the article "Georgia judge won't ban Harry Potter." Laura Mallory has my full support. Harry Potter is all about witchcraft and magic! Even though I give my support to Ms. Mallory, I am not totally surprised with the judge's decision. Because its just a sign of times -- Romans 2:4-7 NIV.

We are living in times where people are not using sound doctrine, and it's worse now than ever before.

The word of God will stand no matter how you push the truth away from you. We need to be teaching our children more truth. Jesus Christ is still the way, the truth and the life. Rejecting the truth only makes one's heart hard and dulls the mind, so in time even the truth sounds like a lie. We can see that truth all around us. Denying Jesus Christ just opens doors for the enemy Satan to deceive you -- Timothy 4:1-5 NIV 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

Pat Thacker