Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 11, 2007

Interlopers trying to erase history

While I consider Andrew Dys to be a good reporter, I feel he is totally wrong and insensitive toward those of us who desire to honor our ancestors by flying the Confederate battle flag on the Confederate monument at the State Capitol building in Columbia.

The NAACP already cut a deal with the General Assembly years ago to remove the flag from the Capitol dome. Their attempts at economic and psychological blackmail through boycotts of our state show they don't stand by their commitments and will stop at nothing to have their way.

Polls showed that 70 percent of the voters in South Carolina wanted to keep the flag on the dome. We now know that compromise with the NAACP is futile and their next demand in waiting is removal of all Confederate monuments in South Carolina on public property.

When you belittle our heroes like Gen. Robert E. Lee, you are showing your disrespect. USC football coach Steve Spurrier is a case in point. Until he wins more than he loses, he should keep his opinions to himself, as he is just passing through our state, grabbing as big a salary as he can. He is not part of us. He is an opportunist cementing his job at USC with politically correct statements.

Our ancestors suffered a vengeful federal invasion, saw our capital Columbia burned to the ground, while hundreds of thousands more starved, were subject to cruelty at the hands of occupation troops during 10 years of Reconstruction. We laid prostrate before a federal dictatorship driven to enact pain upon us, stripped of our citizenship and dignity!

There is a plaque at the Newberry train station that commemorates the death (murder) of a Southern gentleman whose only crime was the defense of a Southern lady who was being "verbally abused" by occupation troops. These crimes against us were rampant, and now you expect us to bow down for yet another 100 years and take our punishment. Not likely.

I hereby accuse our accusers of bigotry and intolerance. There is not much difference between Dys and those in Yugoslavia who practiced genocide. He would denigrate our history, tear down our monuments and erase our cause.

Unlike the Serbs, you don't have the courage to kill us physically. You just want to eliminate us culturally, via vilification.

In the '90s we marched in Columbia, Spartanburg, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Florence, and when necessary we will rise again to defend our dead fallen ancestors -- because we refuse to allow you to write our history. These Northern visitors in the press who, like Coach Spurrier, come to South Carolina for better pickin's, better jobs and opportunities still hate us because we once had the audacity to fight a second war of independence against them.

Dr. William G. Carter


Some stories in paper divulge too much

How far does freedom of speech go? When confidentiality is necessary to protect names, etc. of government informers, when The Herald's story printed all information of the informer on the plot to destroy the J.F.K. Airport pipeline, this may keep other informers from giving important anti security situations because of fear of their lives and families.

I subscribe to "U.S. News and World Report," which has a segment called "Washington Whispers" that uses reporters to harass government politicians for inside information. As an example, a reporter followed newly appointed ambassador to the U.N., Mr. Bolton, with his wife in a supermarket and reported their conversation and eating supplies. Really, is that newsworthy? Have we no privacy?

I wrote to U.S. News asking them to drop that segment, but to no avail. So, reporters will still hound to get information, showing the criminal element how to prevent forensic detection so they can avoid capture. Some censorship or common sense has to be used.

Alfred Boltin

Fort Mill