Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 12, 2007

'Little E' hasn't met expectations

What's all the fuss about Dale Earnhardt Jr.? What has he done to deserve all this attention? This is his eighth season, and he's won 17 races. That's about two per year, which is OK but not phenomenal. In that time, Matt Kenseth, Kurt Busch and Jimmie Johnson have come into Cup racing and won championships. Tony Stewart started in '99, and he's won two, the first being in '02. Junior hasn't even qualified on the pole since September of that year, much less won a championship!

He may not even be the best Junior on his team right now. Martin Truex Jr., in his second year with the team, just did something Dale hasn't done in over a year. He actually won a race! As I write this, Truex would qualify for the Chase and Dale would not. Of course, Dale already knows a little something about not even being the best Dale Earnhardt. But even his dad was a hothead who ran over people and pushed them out of his way.

The irony is a lot of people, mostly Junior fans, hate Jeff Gordon because they say he had everything handed to him. Nobody has had more handed to him than Dale Jr. Gordon raced his way to the top (what a new concept!) without a famous father. If Dale's last name were Smith or Jones, and he didn't have a sponsor like Budweiser, which appeals to his fans, he would be considered just another average driver. So whatever "lucky" race team lands him will undoubtedly sell a lot of merchandise but not have a lot of hardware in the trophy case to show for it.

I know this letter will anger those "Little E" fans who have someone to read it to them. Maybe those same people will be kind enough to help them write a response.

Steven Bowers


Act of kindness was inspirational

I would like to say a great big thanks to Hong Nguyen, a pharmacist at Eckerd branch on Herlong, for her kindness shown to man in need. She bought Tylenol and peroxide for him.

We need more caring people like her in our city. I don't know her or the man, but he is some mother's son. Maybe a brother, dad and granddad. I would be glad for someone like her to help one of my loved ones or friends. She will be blessed many times over by our Lord.

I am sure the man in trouble is a good, kind person also and would help someone in need if he had the means to help. Hong, may God bless you with everything you need and much more.

Betty Pressley

Rock Hill