Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 14, 2007

Heritage is part of Southern life

Herald columnist Andrew Dys practices the predictions of Thomas Jefferson who wrote, "Perhaps an editor might divide his paper into four chapters: Truths, probabilities, possibilities and lies." The first three Mr Dys covers well: The aspects of Southern life in Rock Hill, to include but not limited to front porches, oak trees, cool breezes, fried chicken, magnolias and the interesting lives of many deserving residents.

But in referring to the Confederate flag that many of our ancestors carried into battle, he uses the fourth very effectively. Joining the chorus of the NAACP and one football coach in Columbia, Mr Dys refers to the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate and oppression, and fails to recognize the well documented facts that it is a banner that thousands of African-American and Caucasian Southern soldiers alike fought on the battlefield to protect. The North had its share of slave-holding plantations as well, but that didn't make slavery right. How can you blame the Southern Cross when it was the Stars and Stripes that flew over every single slave ship en route to trade in Rhode Island? But should we treat Old Glory with the same irreverance?

Perhaps it is time to recall former President Jimmy Carter who once said: "We've uncovered some embarrassing ancestors in the not-so-distant past. Some horse thieves and some people killed on Saturday nights. One of my relatives, unfortunately was even in the newspaper business." I am proud to have an ancestor of both the blue and the gray, both fighting to protect what they believe was right.

Steve Blankenship

Rock HIill

Immigrants pose terrorist threat

Finally, Americans (not illegal immigrants) are voicing there disapproval for all the illegal immigrants flooding our country. If you come to this country legally and obey the laws, then good for you and welcome to the USA. But it kills me to watch the news and read the papers everyday about how many people are here illegally and have already broken the law as soon as they get here.

People are tired of it. Read "Voice of the people" and the news. Listen to the radio, we are fed up with it. The biggest problem we have here in York County is the constant overflow of vehicles with North Carolina tags being parked and residing here. It is a proven fact that North Carolina is one of the easiest states for an illegal to get a driver's license. That is a slap in the face to law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of this state. We need a task force to concentrate on that alone and recover tax money that is being lost daily. (I would gladly pay more tax to create this job.)

Fox News put out a statistic last week that estimated that it cost taxpayers $5 billion last year to pay for illegals' health care. This is one good reason politicians can't promise every American can have health care. We hear it every campaign year. Hey, politicians, nip it in the bud and than do your promising of health care for all citizens of the USA.

We let our guard down on 9-11 when we felt invincible, like the terrorists weren't smart enough to harm us because we are safe at home in the USA. Well, they were smart enough to hijack planes simultaneously and fly them into targets within minutes of each other. So, I would say they are smart enough to come through an open border across the desert and blend in. I hope to God it never happens again, but if this doesn't get fixed, how in the world can it not?

P. Wilson

Rock Hill

Thanks for reporting inspiring stories

I was just so inspired to write this today after reading in The Herald about how people in the surrounding areas pulled together after such tragic events this year to help each other. For example there was the benefit for the two slain police officers It is so wonderful, and the benefit for Presley Melton and Lindsey Craven as well, were truly inspirational. And how proud I am of Presley to speak out about seat belts as well.

I, too, was in a bad car wreck six years ago, and had I not been wearing my seat belt, I would have gone through the windshield. The one person in the other car was not, and he came flying out, but thank goodness he survived. He was one of the lucky ones.

Good luck to Presley. She is an inspiration to us all, and thanks to The Herald for following the great stories instead of always the bad ones we so often hear about.

Marsha Seller

Rock Hill