Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 15, 2007

Don't let geese be slaughtered

I am very concerned over the order of the homeowners association in Four Seasons to kill geese in order to keep their lawns clean. As I see it, the residents should have been well aware of what wildlife comes with lake-area living. This order to have them rounded up and slaughtered is not only ludicrous but also shows how compliant our government is for frivolous complaints that remove resources from areas where they could be better utilized.

What next, ducks, fish, insects? What new nuisances will arise after the geese are gone? Poop has a tendency to roll down hill. What should be a concern is the runoff of fertilizers and pesticides from their lawns into the lake, but instead we cater to those who complain of poop. If that is such a problem, then maybe we should direct funding of this slaughter to water and sewer services in Fort Mill. I am sure in one household alone, waste per pound far exceeds what the geese could produce, and their poop is a natural fertilizer, unlike that of humans. What will happen next year? Do we keep killing them until they are extinct?

Do not allow this to go on. This is a disgrace to lake living and the Fort Mill community.

Tammy Marain

Fort Mill