Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 17, 2007

Graham ignores will of the people

I was greatly disturbed to read James Werrell's Friday column on immigration. Beside the fact that there were several inaccuracies, the basis of the article promoted a senators "courage" -- without regard to the voice of their constituency. Is it courage then, that President Bush has been displaying during our continued presence in Iraq? Is it courage when an elected public official turns a deaf ear to the voice of his constituency and votes in accord with what he feels is best, regardless of what the people he is supposed to be "serving" are saying?

Mr. Werrell would do well to research his facts concerning this issue, and read the actual content of S1348 before printing things like attrition of illegal aliens through enforcement of current laws would "result in an economic disaster of doomsday proportions," or "this bill would have bolstered border security in significant ways."

The truth is that there are already laws on the books to secure the border -- and it has not been done. There are no additional provisions in S1348 that would secure the border, although this is being touted as the case by its supporters. Can you imagine why that is? Because that is the only way they have a chance of getting this unbelievable bill through the Senate. The real likelihood is that the bill will worsen border security. If this bill were to pass, how many citizens of Mexico do you think would be swarming across the border. All they have to do is show an affidavit that they were in the U.S. prior to Jan 1, 2007. If they have been buying fake Social Security cards, state driver's licenses and other forms of identification, just how hard do you think it is going to be for them to get an affidavit?

Finally, to say this issue is about "immigrants" is misleading. The issue is about mass immigration and illegal aliens -- those who sneak across the borders of a country and use fraudulent identification documents to find work, or those who came across on a valid work visa and then refused to leave when the visa was up. If you are unaware of the consequences of the numbers involved in our current mass immigration problem, you would do well to take a look at immigration by the numbers: www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7WJeqxuOfQ

I realize it is the Opinion page, and Mr. Werrell certainly is entitled to his opinion. But he is doing no one any favors by printing as fact information that is clearly not true.

Kelly K. Macaluso

Tega Cay

School had problems behind the scenes

While reading the article by the young man who graduated from Westminster Catawba Christian School, we are reminded why we took our children out. The only articles that seem to make the paper are the ones from those who don't want to tarnish the school's reputation. Our children also started at 3-year-old pre-kindergarten. We loved the same warmth, support and security afforded our children during the early years of their education. However, as they entered 8th grade, and we became more involved in the realities of the school's inner workings, we chose to take our children out.

There was and is division among the administrative team, throat cutting and back-stabbing with no accountability from a self-perpetuating board which had individuals serving for 12 or more years. There is division by class among some of the students. There are the haves and the have nots. Fortunately, we were among those who were blessed financially, but we did not feel the spiritual atmosphere that everyone wants to paint was real. Dr. Blumenstein strived to greatly improve this, but unfortunately, he fell victim to the very thing he was trying to improve.

The article that was written by Karen Bair was "kind" to say the least. It was not negative, as the student, Adam Auten, asserts. It was strictly factual, not even beginning to tip the scale with the actual details. Further, Adam, like all students, was not privy to the behind-the-scene problems that existed in the school. There have been financial debt problems for years that have been hidden and the hierarchy issues from the board and administration have been hidden, as well. Westminster Church has a "hands-off" attitude when problems arise, but a controlling hand when things appear to be running well. We left not because we did not love the nurturing atmosphere provided by the faculty for the children, but because of the "Enron" type activity that we witnessed and simply chose not to be a part of. No one has ever questioned the nurturing atmosphere, but at some point the reality has to be dealt with before it gets out of hand.

Thank you, Ms. Bair and The Herald, for having the guts to expose the good and the bad. Our only sorrow is that apparently someone prevented you from expressing the total truth. Dr. Blumenstein did not resign simply because the Lord led him, nor did an entire Board of 12 resign willingly nor as an "olive branch" (as stated by Mr. Kelly, board chair) to the parents' group, nor did the parents' group fight diligently for 12 months to retain John Blumenstein for no reason.

One thing is sure: Adam is one of the fortunate students who survived under this pretense and perhaps closed his eyes to the other realities of the current situation. We chose not to do this and are happy we took our children out and placed them in another Christian school where to be a Christian means treating a brother with true respect and love and where the families of the school hold the board accountable for its actions.

Cara and Bill Williams


Enforce the laws we have in place

James Werrell is so far out to lunch that he will never find the picnic. People like Lindsey Graham, who are supporting this illegal legislation, are not doing it to secure and protect our borders. If they wanted to do that, they would see that the legislation we already have in place is enforced!

Those who are pushing this bill are doing so to avoid securing our borders and protecting our sovereignty. They are looking to the day when there are no borders and the U.S., Mexico and Canada are one country. Then, we can all live in one big socialist state. We can all be "equal." We can all have the riches and freedom of Cuba.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Encourage our senators and representatives to support the immigration laws we already have.

Gary and Sharon Vasher

Tega Cay

Graham is really a liberal Democrat

As far as I am concerned, James Werrell and Lindsey Graham are both full of it. Fifty million Mexicans did not elect him nor Ted Kennedy, John McCain nor President Bush. Jim DeMint knows he was elected to represent the American citizens, and we have let him know that the majority of South Carolina citizens do not want to add 12 million to 50 million illegal, low-wage, no-skilled aliens to our welfare rolls.

I have one thing to say to Lindsay Graham: I will not be the only voter in South Carolina who remembers his words and actions (now) at the voting booth in 2008.

Why doesn't he change to the liberal democrat he really is?

Joanne Thomas

Fort Mill