Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 18, 2007

Enforce the laws already on books

Re: the James Werrell column praising Sen. Graham for being courageous. Please sir, include me in the number of uneducated, woefully uninformed, pathetic American bigots that are striving hard to keep illegal aliens, from any nation, from moving in by opposing amnesty for those who disregard America's laws and sneak into the country.

The article about Sen. Graham's "courage" was, in my opinion, a reflection of a failure to understand the proposed legislation and the sense and desires of American citizens.

As the more courageous senators Chambliss and Isakson, of Georgia, wrote in an open letter to President Bush: "As we travel around Georgia and continue to hear from our constituents, the message from a majority of Georgians is that they have no trust that the United States government will enforce the laws contained in this new legislation and secure the border first. This lack of trust is rooted in the mistakes made in 1986 and the continued chaos surrounding our immigration laws."

These senators go on to tell the president that many fears of the majority of Americans could be assuaged by enforcing the laws already on the books, and even calling for an emergency supplemental bill to further fund border security.

Their comments reflect the feelings of over 70 percent of American citizens that if we haven't enforced the current laws, another bill will not change one thing.

These senators showed courage, they didn't cave in to a president who is completely out of touch and desperately seeking to accomplish something in this term. Yes, sadly, I am a Republican... and President Bush and Sen. Graham are a huge disappointment.

Patrick M. Collins

Tega Cay

Americans deceived since amnesty of '86

It doesn't take courage to undermine the immigration laws on the books that have been ignored due to the complete failure of the federal government to enforce our laws.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that the American people have been deceived since the amnesty granted to illegal aliens in 1986. We are, after all, a nation of laws. Our president and our Congress took oaths to uphold the law when they were sworn into office. Unfortunately, the majority of them looked the other way and ignored the people and pandered to big business, special interests and lobbyists. Meanwhile, the message sent by the amnesty in 1986 was to get across the border any way you can and sit it out. That is exactly what has happened.

Wages have declined, and Americans have paid dearly. Now the problem has spread like a cancer all over the United States.

There are no jobs that Americans won't do. However, no American can compete with cheap illegal labor. This bill sends a message to all of the honest people that have stood in line respected our laws and played by our rules that it doesn't pay to respect our laws. This bill is a slap in the face to every American.

Does James Werrell really believe that a so-called fine/fee means anything? Come on, now, if you can pay a smuggler to get here, that is a drop in the bucket. He should read the Heritage Foundation Report. I also would suggest that he listen to the so-called debates in the Senate. Ted Kennedy is so afraid of upsetting the illegal aliens that he doesn't even want to go after anyone who has committed serious crimes after they broke into this country. He claims that the illegal aliens will be afraid of coming out of the shadows if they think that they might be arrested for crimes committed after entering the U.S.

Has Mr. Werrell listened to Sen. Dorgan? Listen to some of the concerns of Democrats such as Sen. Webb, Sen. McCaskill ... this is not about Republicans vs. Democrats. This is about America. Follow the money, and see who is speaking for the American people.

Donna Jones