Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 20, 2007

People should honor ancestors

Regarding the letter, "Interlopers trying to erase history," from Dr. William G. Carter of Clover: I appreciate the good doctor declaring his Southernness. I, too, remain unbowed and un-ashamed. I adore the seemingly endless stream of outlandish carpetbaggers who publicly rebuke native Carolinians without first waiting a respectful seven generations.

Long live proud independent-minded citizens who honor their ancestors, regardless of those ancestors' race, religion, national origin or decisions made within the content of their times.

Don Rhyner


Here's a plan for dealing with illegals

I, for one, and I am sure the great majority of the legal population of this great country are totally fed up with the way Congress and the president are tied up with this immigration bill. Most of the cockamamie features and proposed amendments offered are nothing but attempts by the Democrats and Republicans to protect their own skins, hoping to become re-elected the next time their terms are up.

Now let me offer my cockamamie idea as a solution to the problem: Give each "illegal" $5,000 -- or you pick a figure -- at the border crossing, send them back to Mexico and promise each one imprisonment if they ever return illegally. From figures I have read, it now costs us taxpayers approximately $16,000 per year in free services for these people, and that is for those who are not in jails. Keeping them in jail runs our cost up to approximately $35,000 each.

I am confident this would clean out the illegals wholesale and save us a bundle of taxpayers' money.

Howard Gunderson

Rock Hill

Name omitted from Hall of Fame

I was at the mall and discovered that there was a York County Hall of Fame. I looked at the list looking for a name, probably one of the greatest athletes from the area. I did not see the name.

He was a starter on the Northwestern High baseball team as an eighth-grader. He was a starter on the varsity football team as a freshmen. He was a member of the varsity basketball team as a sophomore. He played football and baseball at the University of North Carolina. He is doing an outstanding job coaching the young in football and baseball. Cookie Massey should have his place on that wall.

Michael Massey

Broken Arrow, Okla.

Make immigrants work at gunpoint

Of the several letters recently lambasting Sen. Lindsey Graham and Herald Opinion Page Editor James Werrell for supporting an immigration bill before the U.S. Senate, none was as strange as the one from Joanne Thomas ("Graham is really a liberal Democrat," June 17).

So, there are "50 million illegal, low-wage, no-skilled aliens" now in this country? And, "on welfare"? Is one making things up, or what? Since one is, then why not say 100 million aliens or 200 million, and they're all lazy and good-for-nothing.

If we real Americans can't make them all go home, then we real Americans could make them all go to work, at gunpoint if need be, say, in construction, farming, hospitality ... you know, like cleaning, cooking, mowing, digging, climbing, nailing, planting, harvesting and so on ... work that'll make them all sweat a lot. That'll fix 'em!

And Sen. Graham is really a liberal Democrat? Oh, what a rejoicing there would be among those who think seriously for solutions to our problems, if it were only true.

Jerry Walden

Rock Hill

Dys should apologize for rotten column

My husband and I were shocked, insulted and upset by the commentary printed on Sunday (Father's Day) titled, "One day a year is too much for some," by Andrew Dys. We kept reading and hoping this article was a joke, but it never had a punch line.

Andrew Dys should either personally pay for a full-page, two-day advertisement apologizing to everyone for such a horrible, rotten article insulting fathers, grandfathers and most people who have or are married to a father or grandfather. Better yet, he should be fired. What a terrible, reckless and stupid thing to do and write. Shame on you, Andrew and The Herald!

Liz Odum