Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 21, 2007

Don't pursue foolish issues

Evil knows that whoever controls the family, controls the future. We, as Americans, are a family. When ever we listen to the voice of silence, the only and best advice that it gives is look!

Whenever we stop and look at any situation, we become able to see the importance or ignorance of it. Steve Blankenship is, in my eyes, an honorable man. I've eaten at his home and spoken at his wedding. He is a commander of a Confederate Camp. Yet. I love him as my brother.

Vincent Blackwell is a man I hold in high regard alongside Pastor Larry Robertson of Mount Hebron. They are the only two black men who bring inspiration to me who live in Rock Hill. The flag controversy still remains in our state.

Here is my perspective. If the NAACP continues to fight such childish battle, they will show themselves to be foolish. If those who support the flag continue to argue with them, they will prove to be more foolish. After all, who is more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows the fool?

We have hunger, poverty, immorality, deception and children killing children in our world. That is minus the fact that we have children raising children. Anyone who finds fighting or defending a piece of cloth or past history to be a more important matter is a fool.

If you teach men to give reverence to the family, and women to demand the best of their men, the next time the voice of silence says look, they will see the face of God.

Baxter Tisdale

Rock Hill

Community has real 'class act'

I am writing this to let the people that are unaware that we have a true class act in our community.

My son Jonathan and I were in a local restaurant Monday evening when I saw a man walk in I thought I recognized. I pointed the man out to Jonathan and told him that I thought he had played football in the NFL and was currently a coach for the Panthers.

Jonathan's eyes got big, and I told him to go talk to the man. Jonathan, being 8 years old, was pretty nervous as he approached the man. He walked up to him and said, "Excuse me, did you play football in the NFL?" The man answered back, "Yes, I did".

Then Jonathan pointed to me and said that I had told him that he was a coach for the Panthers. The man said that he was. I walked over and the man said hello and shook my hand. He then proceeded to tell my son that his name was Donnie Shell.

Jonathan was amazed, asking him if he used to play for the Steelers, which Donnie confirmed. Donnie asked Jonathan about school being out and was very nice.

A little while later, Jonathan went out to our car and retrieved his Carolina Panthers hat and asked Donnie to autograph it. Donnie signed it willingly and Jonathan talked to him about playing football for the Oakdale Green Dragons in Elementary School (who went undefeated this past season). They carried on a nice conversation and Jonathan's day was truly made.

I just want all readers to know that we have a true class act in our community. Thank you, Donnie Shell.

Keith Wilkins

Rock Hill

Dys column was insightful

Andrew Dys wrote a funny and insightful story about being a dad. He vigorously complimented women and was self-deprecating about his role. It read to my wife and me as an admonishment to "real men" who are too busy with selfish pursuits.

I think this explains the negative reaction, especially from women who have to maintain the childish male egos crushed by Dys.

The smarminess over dad's day, which should be every day without thanks, was fairly counterweighted by Andrew's article.

No matter the negative overreaction, good guts and good job printing it.

Dan and Lisa Wilt

Rock Hill

Pay attention to global warming

When the ice is melting all over this planet, it is time to get serious. President Bush's desire for more illegal cheap labor for his buddies, the greedy, corrupt corporations, is typical. Like Reagan, he likes only the rich, but the Bushes have always groveled to the rich, and the rich return the favor by supporting them in politics. We don't need more people driving more cars and polluting to their heart's desire. We need to wake up the world before the floods from melting ice cover us.

My son spoke with a lady beekeeper. She told him that bees pollinate everything and that the bees are not returning to the hives. Without pollen, every growing thing will die, according to her, in four years. We need to take to the parks and walk to show our love, care and concern for this most beautiful planet in the universe and know what we have done and are doing to God's planet.

We need to give to those who want to save the planet, not to those who will further destroy it.

Barbara Stevenson

Rock Hill