Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 23, 2007

Bush shouldn't veto these bills

Something is very wrong with the ideals of the current president governing this country. Do people understand that he has not only gone weak on domestic crime, but also has taken it a step further by promising a veto of the federal hate crimes act? The hate crimes act, also called the Matthew Shepard Act, would make it tough on those individuals in this country who choose to take violent, and often harmful acts against others based simply on who the victim is, be it an issue of nationality, color, sex or sexual orientation.

I say shame on the president's agenda for wanting to veto this legislation. Could it be because President Bush does not accept the wide numbers of gays and lesbians as an actual community of people in this country, and this law would protect them as well? Shame on Bush for not accepting the vast amount of cultures on which this country was founded with acceptance of all law-abiding citizens!

Further at issue is the stem cell research bill supported on a bipartisan basis, as well as by the Reagan Family, which so many GOP candidates wish to align themselves with in this upcoming presidential campaign. This bill, if signed into law, would have the potential of finding cures and treatments for so many life-threatening diseases that most families in this country have been touched by in one way or another. President Bush wants to veto this legislation? This would be poor judgment on the part of the administration.

What is the White House thinking?

Robert J. Daly

Fort Mill

Lighten up, it was satire

I, too, read Andrew Dys' column ("One day a year is too much for some") on Father's Day, but unlike those readers who lacked the ability to recognize satire, I laughed.

Dys' tongue-in-cheek description of himself and a few other fathers was a welcome bit of humor on a day that is usually filled with dripping, sugar-sweet accolades to perfect fathers.

It is astonishing that readers are actually asking for Dys to be fired for writing a beautifully satiric column lampooning his own (obviously exaggerated) failings as a father!

Readers, please! Laugh a little and stop taking things so seriously! Dys has 364 days of columns dedicated to praising other people. When he writes ONE column in a year that is satiric, readers jump to judge him, and quite unfairly. When we as a society lose the ability to laugh at ourselves, we lose our humanity. Chill!

Polly Adkins

Fort Mill

Celebrate dads every day

In response to the Andrew Dys column, "One day a year is too much for some." my husband drew my attention to this Father's Day article. My first response was that I am glad my kids aren't old enough yet to read. Now I am simply sorry for my husband. I am trying to put myself in his shoes but can't imagine The Herald would publish a similarly scathing editorial about wives and mothers.

Just today, my husband spent his lunch hour at home so he could spend time with me and our two toddlers, and then came home early so I could attend a church meeting. While I was at the meeting, he took the kids swimming, fed them, bathed them and put them to bed. Then he made dinner. My husband isn't perfect, but on Father's Day, I thanked God that my children had such an amazing father. Perhaps you are right ... there is something wrong with spending one day appreciating our dads. We should thank them every day.

Amy Kulbok

Rock Hill