Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 24, 2007

Geese and deer need to be thinned out

I've had just about a gut full (pardon the pun) of you whiners complaining about these stinking geese that are going to be properly killed, dressed ad given to needy people. If you were homeless, wouldn't you like to have some roast goose, or would you like for the residents of Four Seasons to catch the dreaded disease they carry, angel wing?

They need to be thinned out, they're everywhere. The same thing goes with deer, they look like overgrown rats. If we thinned them out, look at the car accidents we could eliminate.

You people who do all the complaining probably voted for Bill Clinton and will probably vote for Hillary. You kind do not believe that Muslim terrorists are going to try to kill us all. Do something constructive, go out and pick up litter off the street, and stop complaining about a gaggle of stinking geese.

David C. Ball Jr.

Fort Mill

We should all honor those who have served

The Memorial Day Service at Lakeview Memory Gardens was a special time of reflection and honoring of those men and women who have served or are currently serving in our nation's armed forces. We can never forget the sacrifice they have made, especially those who have given their very lives to gain and preserve our freedom. A great deal of time and effort was put forth by many volunteers led by the York County Veterans Advisory Council. The program was presented with reverence and dignity by all who were involved.

The only disappointing aspect was the noticeable absence of most of our county's public and elected officials. As Judge Lee Alford recognized those in attendance, I was amazed at the contrast from last year, an election year, and this year. Congressman Spratt sent a letter, read by Judge Alford, expressing his regrets, as he was traveling abroad to be with our troops. No better place to be on Memorial Day. State Sen. Wes Hayes, Rep. Herb Kirsh, Sheriff Bruce Bryant and York Mayor Eddie Lee were there, and as a member of the audience, I was appreciative. Unless they arrived after the recognition of special guests, not a single county or city council member was present.

It was not just the small number of public officials but the overall turnout I thought was disappointing. The Herald estimated 200 attending. There are 213 names on the York County Veterans Memorial who gave their lives for our country. More who died than those willing to take an hour on a Sunday afternoon to honor their sacrifice. Hopefully, those who were not at the ceremony did in fact honor our fallen veterans in a special way during Memorial Day. If not, you may want to get a copy of the guest speaker's, Alicia Gilewicz, book "Frozen Footprints" and make a special effort to be at a next year's ceremony.

My thanks to all who have served.

Lowell Bomar