Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 26, 2007

Make sure on July Fourth to remember blessings

On July 4, 1776, America was granted the honor of being an independent nation. Soon, we will have the celebration of this great blessing. Let us as American citizens take time during this years celebration to honor and respect our troops that are in the foreign countries suffering to keep us comfortable back home.

Let us not forget to say our prayers, fly our honorable flags, not worn and torn. Let us remember 9-11, the loss America had and how we are still suffering because of this tragedy. Knowing hundreds are losing their lives every day for us. Let us not be afraid to speak out in behalf of our belief in God and our right to stand on his word. This is America. Let us leave out politics and get on with what we believe as a Christian nation. I want to encourage every community to make an effort this July Fourth to let the people from every country know this is America and will stay America; standing for our freedoms, rights and religions. Pray for those who selflessly choose to serve our country. God bless America, my home sweet home.

Lois Martin


Want to save Goat Island? Pick up the bill

Considering all of the problems that beleaguer York County, I would have to say the natural eroding of Goat Island is among the lowest priorities among the consumers who use the power supplied by Duke Energy.

As with most projects, money is the hold-up. Obviously, Duke Energy does not consider Goat Island a hazard, and even if it was a hazard, does the word "buoy" mean anything to the complainers?

I suppose Rep. (Gary) Simrill used his vast engineering expertise to come up with a $25K estimate, which is four times less than other engineers have estimated. If Rep. Simrill can do it for this amount, I would bet Duke Energy would let him. The people whining about this situation are the fortunate few who can afford to live on Lake Wylie, yet they want Duke Energy to fix what they consider to be an eyesore. We all know that this cost will be passed along to the customers who purchase power from Duke, which, by the way, is all of us.

Duke Energy should get the names of all who want Goat Island saved, fix the island to their liking and give them the bill. I am sick and tired of everyone picking their own little insignificant pet project and begging everyone else to pony up money to fix it.

Rick Gwin

Rock Hill