Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 30, 2007

Anonymous couple gave family a wonderful welcome gift

My two sons and I just moved to Rock Hill and have been patronizing its many friendly restaurants. We were dining Sunday, June 24, at A Taste of Heaven restaurant. We decided to wear our red and orange-hued tie-dyed shirts from their former alma mater, Crowders Creek Elementary School in Lake Wylie, so there was no mistaking that we belonged together.

When we arrived at A Taste of Heaven, we were led in by the friendly staff as usual, and we picked a window seat. I didn't really focus on other patrons -- just tried to remind my sons that they could get only what they could eat from the buffet -- no wasting allowed!

By and by, our waitress came by our table and sat down, saying she needed to talk with me. I immediately thought, "What did my PKs (preacher kids) do wrong" -- especially when I've tried to teach them and watch them so closely! The waitress smiled and told me that the couple at the table near ours had paid for our dinner -- tip included. She said she herself was brought to tears when the gentleman and his wife said they didn't know me; it was just something they wanted to do for no particular reason at all. The couple had stipulated that I was not to be told until they had completely left the premises. I needed somebody to thank, so my sons and I immediately and audibly prayed and thanked God that he had used the strangers to give us "A Taste of Heaven." Thank you, strangers, for reminding my family that God is always looking out for us.

Here's a scripture for that couple: "Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares" (Hebrews 13:1-2).

We are in no way "angels." However, your kindness caused us to feel as special as any angels. We look forward our chance to anonymously return the blessing in Rock Hill. What a great city!

The Rev. Margaretta Guinn

Rock Hill

Thanks to police for quick work on home-improvement problem

Approximately three weeks ago, needing an expansion to a dog kennel, I responded to a flier left on my mailbox (and everyone else's in our Quiet Acres neighborhood) offering free estimates for various home improvements.

I called; a man came out. We agreed on the work and cost, and they were to complete the project before the end of the Memorial Day weekend. I gave him the requested check to cover the materials. From there, things went downhill. They neither showed nor called. Repeated calls to them resulted in either lies, that is, "The materials will be delivered in an hour, "They (the delivery people) are on Route 5 now," or calls that were not returned.

After no response to my polite letter requesting either performance or a refund, I sent a more complete letter requesting the same and mailed copies to, among others, the Rock Hill Police Department. Within a day of the police department receiving this letter, I heard from John Thickens (I don't know his rank), who had contacted the home-improvement specialist bums, telling them to refund the money before Friday noon. You can imagine how surprised I was when at about 10:45 today, a man came to my door with the cash in hand. I am still amazed at how quickly things have been resolved.

Thank you so much, Rock Hill Police, and particularly John Thickens.

Judith A. Taft

Rock Hill