Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 1, 2007

Thanks, Rock Hill, for plan to limit payday lenders

AARP South Carolina congratulates and applauds the city of Rock Hill for its recently passed zoning regulation to control the growth of payday lenders. South Carolina has seen explosive growth, especially in York County, of new payday lenders who trap individuals into a cycle of debt.

Why is AARP involved with fighting to protect consumers from predatory payday lending? Seniors on fixed incomes are hurt the worst by the predatory debt traps called payday loans. They have no way to come up with what constitutes a third of their income to pay back the payday loan of $300 out of their next Social Security check. Three out of every 10 South Carolinians receiving Social Security have no other means of support, making them especially vulnerable to quick payday loans that do not look at the borrower's ability to pay the loan back.

These new requirements are a first step for an overhaul of our state laws that regulate payday lending. To that point, I would also like to thank Senator Wes Hayes for his outstanding work in pushing a bill in the Senate this past year. Even though this bill was stalled by industry tactics, his work, along with his colleagues in the Senate, should not go unnoticed.

Let's hope in 2008 South Carolina will see strong reform of an industry that is out of control.

Teresa Arnold, AARP South Carolina Legislative Director


Life's too short to fret over Confederate flag

There is so much going on in the world today. I would think one would concentrate on those issues as much as they do about the Confederate flag. I do not condemn anyone for what they believe in because that's between them and their God. But I do know life is short, so get it together.

Where will you be hanging your flag? In heaven or hell?

Juvenia White

Fort Mill