Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 4, 2007

The true meaning of Independence Day

This Fourth of July, stop and give a thought of what Independence Day means to you. Some may think of it as just another day off work, or perhaps a vacation day of leisure, a party or a barbecue with friends and relatives.

Independence Day is a day each year on which we celebrate our freedom -- freedom to live our lives as we choose, freedom to worship where and how we choose, and the freedom to raise our children in a way that our family values direct us. Choice, that is what makes us different from other countries, never forced to live our lives under the rule of a dictator and oppression. That's what Independence is, freedom, as given to us by our forefathers with the Declaration of Independence and through our Constitution. These documents guarantee each of us the freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with equal justice for everyone. We have a choice of how to live, and that choice sets us above all others in the world who lives under a different kind of government other than a free democracy.

Independence is more than just another word to express freedom. It is the unselfish action given by every man and woman who has worn the uniform of the American soldier of all branches of service. This Fourth of July, stop for that moment and think of all the sacrifices that have been made by the men and women who serve our country and thank them. Give a silent prayer for them, and for those who have preserved our freedom in the past.

The people who demonstrate, condemn our elected leaders and our country, burn our flag and scoff or condemn our government have the freedom to express their feelings because a man or woman who wears a uniform has given his or her time or life for our country. And even now, those who stand vigilant this night and every night with commitment and dedication watch over this land while we sleep to keep it free so the demonstrators can continue to express their feelings.

Man, through the 7,000 years of recorded history, has continued following his own greed for power, oppressing those who are weaker for his own gain or religious fanatical beliefs. Even now, they lead the young or weaker-minded to armed conflict and self destruction, as sheep are led to slaughter. Be thankful that America has men and women who will stand up for freedom and give their lives to preserve it. Until humankind comes of age realizing that conflicts and war are insane, and learns to live in unity without the fear of oppression, may God continue to bless this great land and all the good things it stands for, and bless those who will stand in harm's way, upholding our way of life and our continued independence.

Jerry Dozier

USMC 1968-69

Rock Hill

Boomer exchange is great proposal

At last, in the midst of the fear, panic and anger over immigration, a voice of reason is heard.

Terry Plumb's suggestion that there be a one-to-one trade of baby boomers for illegal immigrants is an inspiration.

Everyone is a winner. The boomers get a great warm-weather location where their retirement checks will go much further than here in the U.S. New industries catering to boomer needs will develop south of the border, thus providing jobs there so that other immigrants won't have to come here for work.

The areas of our economy that depend upon immigrants will become more stable. Wages for certain jobs will increase for non-immigrants and immigrants alike as the bright light of legality brings competition for workers.

There is one element missing in the proposed plan. Who will go? I think to really get a broad-based constituency behind the plan, there needs to be a way for neighborhoods to vote on whom hey would like to see head south. There could be a mix of those chosen by neighbors and those who elect to go.

Oh, Mojo wonders if the plan might be expanded to include dogs? There is this German shepherd around the corner ...

Jim Watkins and Mojo

Rock Hill