Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 5, 2007

Better intelligence is the key to security

There are many intelligent and perceptive persons out there who believe our troops fighting on the ground in Iraq are preventing us from having another attack like 9-11. If I believed that, I would be in favor of the war also, but I do not.

The only thing that is protecting us today is the same thing that let us down at that time is intelligence. All of the minor incidents that have been cut in the bud and the great work last week in preventing a massive car-bomb plot in Great Britain are the result of superior intelligence.

It seems absolutely obvious to me that we should be putting the billions we are spending on this war into strengthening the CIA, the FBI, the Treasury Department or any other agency struggling to find out these things and make a proper response. We need to make our intelligence agencies the very ultimate in what the world has seen.

The English are to be commended for having the intelligence to locate what was planned. We are, by all means, going to be hit again, and the only way we can keep attacks at a minimum and to bring terrorists to justice is to have the intelligence to root them out.

Sandy Howie


Easy solution to immigrant problems

Your reprint of the Washington Post's article editorial, "An immigrant's lament," should have been correctly titled "An ILLEGAL immigrant's lament." Ernesto's plight is deplorable, and any compassionate person should feel for him and his family. That is why the tone of the article is so misleading.

In 1986, another Republican president, Ronald Reagan, collaborated with Ted Kennedy on an immigration bill that granted amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants. The American people were told that this bill would put in place safeguards that would insure the integrity of our borders. Twenty years and 12 million illegals later, we now see what a sham this '86 bill was.

The senators, congressmen, and presidents who have served since 1986 are responsible for this travesty. They ignored the most sacred oath they took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Every last one of them should hang their heads in shame.

After being questioned about what to do about the illegal, not undocumented, immigrants, Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., made her callous remark about dealing with this at a later date, an attitude that has put us in this 20-year quandary.

Please, explain to me why this simple yet effective solution cannot be applied:

(1) Make it the responsibility of all employers to check birth certificates, Social Security cards, and make a reasonable attempt to verify the legality of employees.

(2) Any employer who knowingly employs illegals would be fined $10,000 for each and every illegal on their payroll. This would apply to the landscaper who has two employees and the large corporation that has 1,200 employees.

(3) Employers found to have illegals would undergo an IRS-type audit and would have to pay compensation for all wages less than the minimum wage. This money would allow the illegals air fare for them and their families to return home.

(4) Quit trying to stabilize a country that seems determined to return to the 7th century and put our troops to defending this country by securing our borders. Let the word out that maximum force will be employed in this defense up to and including the "shoot to kill" option.

We have a workable immigration system that allows for the orderly and legal immigration of the people that want and deserve the chance to enjoy the many opportunities and blessings of this wonderful country. What we don't have are responsible and honorable politicians in either party that are willing to stand up and demand that the laws be enforced.

The cowardice and shirking of responsibility by all sitting members of our government makes this one of the most shameful periods in our history.

Tal Payne

Great Falls

Immigration bill deserved to fail

I just read James Werrell's article of praise and support for Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is one of the key supporters of the immigration bill recently rejected by Congress. If Werrell supports Lindsey Graham in this amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, what more reason do you need to defeat it?

I would ask Werrell and Graham what's wrong with enforcing the laws that are already on the books. What part of illegal don't Werrell and Graham understand?

Enforce the security of o borders, stop the invasion of illegals first and foremost. Then we can begin a discussion and dialogue on what to do with the 12-20 million who have already broken our laws and invaded our borders illegally. On the contrary, we need more like Sen. Jim DeMint and fewer like Graham and Werrell who's liberalism will be the demise of this great nation.

Gary E. Miller

Rock Hill