Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - July 11, 2007

Let's have a talk about Sunday alcohol sales

I read with interest the July 6, 2007, headline on the petition drive for countywide Sunday alcohol sales. I thank and commend the York County Regional Chamber and the business owners for putting this issue to the citizens on a countywide basis via petition this time rather than simply lobbying our elected representatives to have a referendum.

I was opposed to the Rock Hill Sunday alcohol sales last year, and I will again vote "No" if this does come to a vote in York County. But I truly do believe that our system should provide a forum for those who wish to change existing laws, and the petition effort is indeed the proper way for this to take place.

With a petition, ordinary citizens who feel passionately about an issue have a voice, instead of decisions being made for them. In addition, the petition allows the issue to come before the public much sooner, giving those on both sides of the debate an even better opportunity to share their views with others.

I look forward to the healthy discussions on this issue which are sure to come.

Bert Platt

Rock Hill

Lindsey Graham lost my vote

Regarding "In defense of L. Graham, June 28, 2007:

For anyone to defend Mr. Graham is a disgrace to any real American. Mr. Graham decided when he tried to form a coup of America with his gang of 13 that he was more concerned with his personal agenda than the people of South Carolina.

Look for me as I will take a vacation day to protest his re-election. I voted for him, but I will vote for anyone running against him!

John Hilton


Thanks for smoother ride at S.C. 161, Paraham Road

I want to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and my constituents to thank the S.C. DOT foreman, Freddie Jackson, and his staff for paving over the railroad tracks at the intersection of Paraham Road and S.C. 161 at my request.

Every time you went on this road, you had to stop for a large bump at the railroad tracks. No longer is that necessary due to the good work of Mr. Johnson and his crew.

This intersection is used by many citizens of York County, and I just want to let our folks know that it is really repaired and useable.


S.C. Rep. Herb Kirsh


Bush commutation not a surprise

I don't know why everyone's so surprised that President Bush commuted the jail time for Scooter Libby. It's a Bush family tradition that goes back 15 years. It was then that his father George the First, in his last days in office, gave full pardons to six members of the Reagan/Bush White House and CIA that had been indicted for crimes connected with the Iran/Contra scandal, crimes that included perjury and withholding information.

The most shameful miscarriage of justice here that connects the pardons of this father and son is that the indicted and convicted individuals in both administrations held valuable information that could easily lead or would have led to convictions for both presidents. The Iran/Contra investigations were leading straight to Bush the First before he closed it down with the pardons.

This is a fine family tradition! The first Bush got away clean, we can't keep letting this happen. There has to be accountability somehow, somewhere.

Thomas Pauley